Push Pause

Sometimes the best part of a road trip is the scenery. Those moments where you can pause, get out of the car and enjoy the breathtaking views. In this message, Pastor Jen DeWeerdt kicks off our Road Trip series with the truth that when we pause for the right things, at the right time, we will discover a brand new, God-perspective.

Discussion Questions

  1. Was there anything that stood out to you that you hadn’t seen or thought of before when we read the story of Mary and Martha?
  2. Can anyone share a time, when they were living distracted and hurried but you chose to “push pause” and it helped bring perspective?
  3. Jen talked about following the example of Jesus in how he paused for prayer, people, and praise – is there one of these areas that you need to focus on? How steps do you need to take to then put that into practice?
  4. Commit to praying for one another and helping one another stay focused on the area talked about. This is why we are here with one another! Let’s help each other grow!