Shore, Shallows, Deep

Every road trip ends at a destination and as we close in our “Road Trip” series, our final destination is a trip to the beach. Pastor Jen DeWeerdt reminds us that Jesus meets us on the shore, He’s with us in the shallows, and calls us to the deep. May we be a sisterhood of women who choose to say – LORD IF YOU INSIST! When God calls us to the deeper waters, even if it doesn’t make sense or we’re afraid, may we grab the oars and row to the deep, KNOWING He is with us!

Discussion Questions
  1. God wants to use what you have to SPEAK to others. What do you have that you feel God could be asking you to use for a greater purpose?
    • Position – What you do
    • Possessions – What you have
    • Passion – What you love
  2. What area of your life do you feel like Jesus is calling you into deeper waters?
    • Forgiveness?
    • Opening your home?
    • Start that life group?
    • Letting go of a grudge?
    • Stepping into that role?
    • Tithing consistently?
    • Quitting that habit?
  3. How can you take a first step in rowing out to the deep?